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Housing Options

Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)
Your BAH can be used to rent on base or live off base. If you live off base, you can either rent or buy. Click the link above for current BAH rates.

On Base Housing ( Rent On Base )
You can contact the housing office at 719-597-7200. Military personnel are encouraged to contact the housing office prior to arrival to ensure a residence as the wait list can be up to 36 months long. Homes for sale and rent as well as apartment complexes are provided, and a current list can be obtained by contacting the housing office. Dormitories are provided for unaccompanied military personnel and if capacity reaches 90 percent, soldiers are allowed to live off base.

Off Base Single Family Rentals
You can choose to rent off base if you wish. Check our database for available single-family homes.

Apartments for Rent around the Schriever AFB area

Cities around Schriever AFB (Purchase a Home)
The cities around this installation are Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security, Widefield, Monument, Peyton, Briargate, and Black Forest. Take note of these cities to help narrow your search.

Search Schriever AFB area Real Estate Listings

Order your Free Home Buyers Guide

Contact a local Real Estate Agent

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Schriever Air Force Base is home to the Air Force Space Command's 50th Space Wing, which provides navigational and communication satellite operation for the Department of Defense. Units assigned to the base include the Space Innovation and Development Center and the Space and Missile Defense command. Schriever Air Force Base is located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, and three other Air Force installations: Peterson AFB, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, the US Air Force Academy, and Army base Fort Carson.

For information on typical rental rates, local attractions, history of the base, rental opportunities, and lots more, check out the Information links on the left of this page. For needed services, check out the service providers on the right side.

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